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In 1966 Bro. T.Gnananandam who was then serving as a Principal for the Baptist Theological Seminary which was the highest ranking amongst the Baptist community in India was taught the Truth and was baptized by a Canadian Missionary J C Bailey.  Bro. TG as he is fondly called is regarded as an eminent scholar, writer and teacher of the Bible.  Upon his conversion he has written many books which are still being printed in thousands and being distributed amongst the brethren. His writings such as Life and letters of Paul , New Testament worship, Life of Christ, Common Religious Errors and Church Leadership are widely appreciated  and are still in demand.  He translated books written by Ed Wharton such as The Dinstinctive Nature of the New Testament Church, Christ & the Church, The Scheme of Redemption upon the authors request and those books are distributed all around the Andhra Pradesh and in many parts of India .  Bro. TG trained hundreds of preachers, and helped start many congregations in Andhra Pradesh. He served the Lord for 80 years of his life and passed from this life in 2004 at the age of 98.  He was survived by his son TVN Kumar who later continued the great work that his father left behind.

Bro. T V N Kumar, a name known to many in the brotherhood for his relentless work for the cause of Christ is was a wonderful preacher of the gospel who strived to expand and strengthen the borders of the Lord’s kingdom. Bro. Kumar started working with Lepers teaching them the truth and baptizing them from a very young age of 21 years. He worked with the Lepers for 35 years of his life helping them with food , clothing , housing and medication. He also travelled and translated for many American missionaries and helped in establishing hundreds of congregations in around the state of Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka & Kerala and also in the Northern part of India. Kumar was one of the first few who took the gospel through Television inorder to reach millions of people in India which brought in great results in bringing thousands to Christ.  Bro. Kumar founded  homes for destitute children and widows to provide for their needs. He served the lord for 39 years of his life and passed from this life in 2009 at the age of 60 . He is survived by his son TG Sudheer who is continuing the wonderful work of his grandfather and father.

Bro. T G. Sudheer serves as an Evangelist & Missionary for the Church Square Church of Christ which is one of the oldest  Churches of Christ in the state.  He also directs Short Term Andhra Missions Program ( STAMP) which is a school of Biblical Studies aimed to train young people to preach the gospel to indigenous tribes living in the most remotest places of the State. Over 40 young men are trained and sent to work in such areas have started 67 new congregations during the last 8 years where some them preach in two or three places. Bro. TG Sudheer also called Billy, conducts personal Bible studies, open air gospel meetings, village evangelism, preacher workshops and works with many congregations in the state of Andhra Pradesh. He is also actively involved in a lot of benevolent works such as Leper care ( Teaching, providing food & medication), Orphan and widow care. He has a passion to preach the word to the Lost.